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Arguments to the time work

What is a time work We offer you a diverse workplace - then in our customer file somebody who needs your qualification and your flexibility is always found.
As functioned time workYou are firmly employed with us and work adaptably for our customers - on workplaces new over and over again and in many areas of responsibility in which you can introduce your qualifications.
Which job prospects there are in the time workBy the varied assignments you update your knowledge and get to know new areas. This raises your chances, if you want to apply once on a firm workplace.
In which industries time work is offeredVery briefly: In ALL
(With the exception of the companies of the building trade for the purposes of 74-89 and 186a AFG).
If I am paid in the case of illnessYES! This is regulated by the continued pay law.
If I have a firm employer-employee relationshipYES! Our employees are stopped for an unlimited period with all social benefits of a small business with us.
If I am entitled to payment if no order is givenYES! The employee's surrender law regulates.
If vacation is entitled to meYES! This is regulated by the federal vacation law
If vacation is entitled to meYES! This is regulated by the federal vacation law
What happens with financial loss of the temporary work takerAlso our employees are people who become ill and can fall out thus for you. In this case of course we offer to you within 24 hours an equivalent substitute, because we can fall back on a huge number of potential employees.
What if an employee does not promiseWe offer a new strength to you within 24 hours. Above all, however, we will exactly investigate together which qualifications the present employee lacked, so that such a mistake seems not once again.
As long is the registration periodAs a rule this time amounts 5 working days. (Other arrangements are possible any time)
Who assumes the liabilityThe liability for the damages which are to be assigned to the company liability as well as the general liability of the client are not carried by the time work company.
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