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Fair analysis

Measuring and the factor person

Primarily, the employees in the exhibition stand decide on success or failure of a fair appearance. Exactly here active and persuasive arguing shop assistants become important, friendly advisers and obliging employees in the state are vital. A well trained team which stands unanimously behind the enterprise draught gives you a projection which is often vital.

Hence, fair training is aimed always to provide active and customer-oriented behaviour. Aim is to recognize the needs and wishes of the visitors and the potential customers and to come straight on this. Main focuses lie on the successful address of visitors and on the basic knowledge of interrogative technologies and specific features on different fairs. Realize the effect of your own personality for successful fair talks.

Customer-oriented behavior on measuring

State company and state staff make "fit for fair". Recognize from customer types. The successful visitor's address. Different needs and customer preferences recognize. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Purposeful final technologies. Team spirit develop, persuasive appearance.

Fair coaching

Active fair care - Training-on-the-job. Evaluation and optimization of visitor's talks. Aim-supporting behavior develop. Self organization and motivation.

Fair evaluation

Customer analysis and sales planning. Decisive levels analyze. Positioning. Time management and self management. Conversation planning and successful control.

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