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On site management

What is On site management?

Besides, It concerns a relatively new service of the personnel service performance industry.
On site management is directed, primarily, at company with a high demand in temporary employees with qualification of the same kind.

On site management is directed, primarily, at company with a high demand in temporary employees with qualification of the same kind.

As a constant contact an On site manager stands to the customer, besides, aside, with an office especially equipped for his requirements in close vicinity, or if requested directly in the rooms of the customer's company. Here the coordination, liquidation, and support of all time employees used in the customer's company are taken over. He analyses the work routines and processes, takes over if requested the process control and determines additional optimization potentials.

Generally, the customer's company has business relations to several staff service companies. Now with the On site management a staff service company appears as a so-called master. With this flexibility model, the master for the customer coordinates all staff service companies (sucked. Co-suppliers) in his location - or generally for several company locations.

The advantages for the customer's company and his employees entrusted with staff assignments are seen:

The specialists of the staff service company on site provide for a free form problem flow of communication and workflow and with it for short ways and quick response times.

With the acquisition of the staff reproach and, in addition, all organizational and administrative assignments On site management relieve the family staff and allow therefore, a more efficient application of the employees of the customer's company. These can raise so in total your productiveness by concurrent cost reduction.

The talent of the personalmanager on site guarantees the best support and quick integration of the time employees in the customer's company. Besides, the choice of adequate employees follows to form the employee's pool of the master and the co-suppliers.

With the master model, the advantage lies in the fact that the customer reduces his administrative expenses and thus productiveness and flexibility can increase.

Excursion: Headword Outsourcing

The On site management form also is to be separated form many companies of offered, for the industry relatively new service, to the outsourcing. While with the On site management the central idea consists in carrying out the staff management for the team of the time employees on site and in installing a master, whole business processes are separated with the outsourcing and are fulfilled in the responsibility of the personnel service performance companies. To offer outsourcing as a service, the suitable comprehensive competence must become by the staff service companies. To the core competence personnel service performance must kick - according to outsourcing project specific - process, product-technical and business management talent. The staff service company proceeds if he takes over an outsourcing project, the in each case new business segment in the role of an entrepreneur or. Sub suppliers and bears; accordingly, also the business risk. For example, he will make available for the company of a canteen at a customer's company not only his time employees, he lead the canteen completely himself and for it the suitable competence must be based what requires absolutely bigger strain. However, outsourcing also offers the big business chances which can extend the classical service portfolio of the industry. However, now back on the subject On site management.

The concentration on the core competence with staff service companies and customers leads to efficiency profits.

On site management makes for the customer only sense if a clear use can be realized. The management of time employees in the farthest sense belongs as a rule not to the core competence of the customer, but is the core competence of the personnel service performance industry. Efficiency profits can be realized by specialization and the Fixation on the respective core competence on both sides. The special strengths of staff service companies must be given for the customer to build up a business relation fertile for both sides.

The advantage of a functioning information system lies in the quick and efficient care of all partners with the necessary information.
The use lies in a raised efficiency of the whole On site of management process.


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