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Time work

Certain reservations still exist against the time work. Wrongfully, because just in the presently difficult economic situation this adaptable working form offers many advantages. Thus job-seekers have, for example, the chance to get an unlimited employment at time work companies again and different places of action (speak companies) of getting to know. And also the enterprises who consider the time work in her personnel planning's stronger and stronger profit: they can determine the duration of the time work and may be sure to get adaptable employees who are available, besides, still at short notice.

We orientate ourselves by the demands of the market economy. Kick, for example, at commercial company, service company or production company staff bottlenecks on by order points, seasonal fluctuations, vacation, maternity protection or cases of illness, we can catch this by adequate employee's surrender.

Certified staff leave in Hamburg and surroundings as well as all over the country famous companies and middle-class companies the AllCon with her firmly hired employees in the business, commercial and medical area.

The employees (first-time employee as well as experienced skilled workers) have unlimited employment contracts with all social benefits of a small business. Beside the qualification is above all the flexibility of our employees of essential meaning, because the places of installation, companies and industries change. Always under the motto: Every employee at the right time at the right place.

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