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Allcon introduces a new training standard
With the 31.03....
Helm on, 15 pounds climbing equipment got dressed and then go out on top!
AllCon, service provider of wind power supports practical training and provides informatio...
AllCon at the casting for
The service provider for wind energy is based on commitment and cooperated in 2012 again w...

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Allcon introduces a new training standard
With the 31.03.2013 expired, the transition period for the introduction of new safety and training criteria of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). All are the GWO mandatory standard companies do not train their employees since 01.04.2013 to safety after these requirements and criteria and train.
For many of these companies the Allcon GmbH has been a reliable partner when it comes to national and international projects of onshore wind and offshore support with qualified personnel.
Therefore the Allcon GmbH has now decided to also qualify their service technicians after GWO standard and thus the safety requirements and quality requirements of its customers.
This raises the Allcon GmbH, particularly in view of the upcoming offshore projects ensure that they continue to be a reliable partner in servicing, maintenance, installation and commissioning of wind turbines all manufacturer is

Helm on, 15 pounds climbing equipment got dressed and then go out on top!
AllCon, service provider of wind power supports practical training and provides information as to why an entry in the wind industry by AllCon as employer is attractive. Flexible, physically fit, trained as an electrician and / or mechanic in the run, height suitable technique, and not least one must be brave to climb wind turbine towers up to 150m. Recently, on 17 January 2012 AllCon, service provider and specialist professionals, invited with its partner, the Center of Excellence ELBCAMPUS the Hamburg Chamber of Trade to audition for upgrade training course for service technicians. The field of activity of the "hero of wind turbines" in service and maintenance is challenging and varied and will be adequately trained. Even TV was there: The video for casting with tower climbing, interesting interviews and statements from participants and others like Marc Schmeißer, Head of Hamburg AllCon, is right to see on The "nuts and bolts" and the absolute prerequisite to exercise its compact services is the professional qualification and continuous training of employees of AllCon. Therefore, the company maintains its very strong established network of specialized training institutes, advises upon its experience and court last but not least new staff. Since specialization of AllCon on wind energy BZEE (Educational Center for Renewable Energy) is a firm partner, which is now represented globally and qualify service technicians in cooperation with national and international partners from around the world. From July 2007 to date Michael John, Managing Director AllCon, engage in BZEE in corporate advisory and accompanied the education center since 03-09-12 also as new elected member of the board for future projects such as running. Since 2004 the service provider focused its activity on construction, installation, service & maintenance of wind turbines - onshore and offshore, throughout Germany and Europe. Now the company works for almost all major turbine manufacturer - also in multi-megawatt class - and beyond for lots of internationally active, non-proprietary service companies. Variety and versatility: Attractive for entry AllCon as employer is that its staff is deployed across Europe, and collect experience with different clients, different types of wind farms and have no obligation to relocation. The stakes for wind farm installations furthermore ensure an interesting wage level. More on the subject of access and work with AllCon, education & training, temporary-employment agency work and forecasts for the wind energy market was recently given by John Michael 02-28-2012 at an interview with the magazine ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN. Be viewed at
AllCon at the casting for
The service provider for wind energy is based on commitment and cooperated in 2012 again with the ELBCAMPUS Hamburg. Focus: Qualified technicians for wind energy. With the training to "service engineer for wind turbines" the ELBCAMPUS offers since 2008 in cooperation with AllCon interested parties the opportunity to enter the dynamic future market wind energy. Together with the service provider for wind energy ELBCAMPUS Competence Center Hamburg Chamber invited on 01-17-2012 to audition for admission to the course, that starts 02.13.2012. Requirements for admission are training in electrical or metal, physical fitness, willingness to travel, environmental interest and altitude capability. Latter was tested at the casting with a tower climb in Neuengamme. "It is enormously important to inform the prospective service engineers and service technicians accurately on these challenging, innovative work. This work includes a wide and complex range of tasks and demands in addition to a very good technical proficiency, especially teamwork and high responsibility", comments Michael John, Managing Director AllCon. Employees are the assets of a company, they account for its success and effectiveness. And qualification of its employees is the proven strength of AllCon, the service provider and expert personnel specialist in wind energy. Founded in 2003 with a specialisation in wind energy AllCon maintains a very well-developed network of occupational physicians, safety trainers and specialized training institutes. With a wide network of cooperation, for example, with the BZEE, the training center for renewable energy and furthermore with the adoption of honorary functions, such as being member of the corporate advisory board of BZEE or audit committee member at the HWK Hamburg, AllCon always is up to date. Because of their training and work experience with different clients and various types of wind turbine the mechanics training qualification IHK with service technicians wind IHK)operates throughout Europe, on-and offshore. In construction, service, in maintenance, suppression, wholesale replacement of components and performing retrofits AllCon service technicians work in the entire field of wind energy sector for many well-known companies in the industry. When casting for service technician for wind turbines AllCon envisiones the participants and gave as a long-standing, experienced partner to the wind energy industry detailed information about facts from the industry, with the demands of a service engineer to forecasts on the labor market and itself as an employer. In the following Mr. John, Managing Director AllCon and Mr. Schmeisser, branch manager, gave answer to all questions - from now 8 years practice. More information under, regular information easily and conveniently over the AllCon RSS feed.
Successful in practice and advice on service & maintenance
AllCon, the service provider for wind energy is also in 2011 again on track. A moving, exciting and important year for the wind industry draws to a close. Relevant legislation such as the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Energy Industry Act (Energy Act) were amended, new rules for network expansion discussed and created.The term "energy revolution" is in everyone's lips and represents the dawn of the aera of renewable energies. And Germany is working about it with vehemence: By 2020, according to the ambitious plans of the Federal Government, the energy supply from renewable energies in electricity consumption should amount of at least 35 percent and wind energy contributes a significant share of it. AllCon as a long-term and reliable partner of the wind energy industry, will be there and always on the cutting edge. The service provider and expert personnel specialist successfully certified for onshore and offshore and nationally and internationally active, looks back on a positive year. Some customers lined up to the customer portfolio and the satisfaction of existing business customers was confirmed again this year. "With our all-round package for the construction, service & maintenance, troubleshooting and implementation of retrofits, we were able to convince a large number of small as large companies," comments John Michael, Managing Director AllCon. "The success and interest confirms once again our philosophy not only to hold continuously the high standards of quality and efficiency of our services, but constantly expand and align the growing demands of this dynamic industry. We say "thank you" and wish all our customers and partners and all those who want to be a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year." Also in 2012 the service provider will assist the wind energy with reliable expertise, will accommodate the "energy revolution" and looks forward to further successful cooperation.
Labor offshore wind energy
Informative and "arousing curiosity," AllCon introduced itself to interested job seekers and trainees on the one-day job fair for the Offshore Business Meeting and Conference (OBMC) at the NCC on 8 November 2011 and gave detailed information in personal interviews. The development of offshore wind energy in North and Baltic Sea is in full swing, the number of planned offshore wind turbines is growing. The demand for skilled workers in the offshore industry - as in the onshore area - is enormous and therefore the spectrum of tasks is very complex. Besides the installation of offshore wind farms in particular service concepts are essential, because after the construction, WKAs should produce electricity efficiently at least 20 years and that requires regular maintenance. There are not only planning and engineering firms specialized in the future market of wind energy, but also professional service providers in the areas of maintenance and service. And Allcon is a longstanding and valued partner of wind energy. Designated strength of the Hanseatic service provider is qualified and flexible personnel who is exclusively targeted on all areas of wind energy, both onshore and offshore, nationally and internationally: construction, service, maintenance, debugging, and major component replacement and replacement of retrofits. "We want to meet the shortage of solid-trained professionals." said Michael John, Managing Director AllCon. "To establish and ensure international standards of qualification of our co-hosts, we have long service with the Educational Center for Renewable Energy (BZEE). The demand for our services increases by reputable companies, we welcome qualified applicants. The OBMC job fair offered a good platform. "Job seekers, trainees and students showed raised interest and clearly about the required flexibility, the variety of customer applications, the demand for skills, as well as the solid and future-oriented labor-management concept in AllCon. Started in 2003 with a specialization in the field of wind energy in the spring of 2011 AllCon was successfully certified also for the offshore areaby Germanischer Lloyd, thus ensuring a comprehensive package of services in all business areas of wind energy. In addition to training and further training of experienced and well trained service technicians from the onshore area, including by an internationally accredited Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) and / or Helicopter Safety and Escape Training (HUET), the SCP certification was issued for the offshore sector. Because safety, constant training and ongoing staff training are integral components by AllCon. More about the company under, regular information easily and conveniently over the Allcon RSS feed.
AllCon reports positive results
The service provider for wind energy has had a successful presence at the 20th Wind Energy Conference. For the first time as a participant and exhibitor at the 20th Wind Energy Conference in Berlin, AllCon noted successful economy and resonance. "The interest was felt everywhere: Many of the participants, manufacturers, service providers or operators, learned about our services first-hand and one's discussed current issues relating to the technical service of wind turbines. "comments Mr. Schmeißer, Head of Hamburg AllCon. "Existing business contacts could be strengthen in a pleasant, almost family atmosphere and new contacts successful established." Service & Maintenance, repair and repowering are among the most important topics in the field of wind energy and the need for qualified service technicians and service engineers is high. According to surveys by the DEWI 06/30/2011 the statement numbers in the first half of 2011 compared to previous year prove growth. In addition to new installations of onshore and an increase in the offshore wind industry - although "discreet" - , also the repowering, that means the replacement of old against new more powerful systems,increased compared to the first half of 2010. The home market moves again slowly after slump last year and the signals for the use and expansion of existing wind energy potential are set. Companies in the wind industry therefore are increased interested in the cooperation with service providers in the Service & Maintenance, not least because they provide the required flexibility and core staff stability. And AllCon is a reliable and long-term partner of the wind energy sector. Its proven strength is the qualified, flexible expert staff, which specifically acts in the entire field of wind energy, both onshore and offshore, nationally and internationally: in construction, service and maintainance, fault clearance, replacement of large components, troubleshooting and error correction, as well as retrofitting filtering. AllCon successfully takes on service and maintenance contracts for wind energy companies, and serves almost all renowned companies as a valued partner.
Where the wind blows most strongly in the fall ... this year also AllCon is present
For the first time ever the service provider for wind energy is represented at the 20th Wind Energy Conference in Berlin. Manufacturers, service providers and operators ... many well-known companies are represented at the annual meeting place for the wind energy and this time AllCon attend as exhibitor and participant from 25 to 27 October in Berlin-Schönefeld. The Hanseatic service provider, specializing in maintenance, installation and service of wind turbines, invites to conversation a small one or large one between the forums of the interesting program of events of the 20th Wind Energy Conference. Successful certified for offshore and onshore and nationally as internationally active, AllCon takes on service and maintenance contracts for wind energy companies, provides qualified personnel and serves almost all renowned companies. So come around, the team of AllCon is looking forward to your visit. Your' welcome!
Allcon builds on his staff ... because that's the only way to do professional job
Qualified personnel for the wind energy industry: The wind energy sector has specific and stringent requirements on its workers.And it is no coincidence (And it does not just happen:)Its proven strength is the qualified, flexible expert staff, which is specifically selected according to customer requirements in all wind energy areas of activity: in installation, service and maintenance, fault clearance, replacement of large components, troubleshooting and error correction, as well as retrofitting. Application areas are both onshore and offshore, national and international. "The right person at the right time at the right place" is the device by AllCon. And that's why the service provider already could win numerous companies as long-standing, satisfied customers, from small businesses to large corporations. The hanseatic company only employs service technicians for wind turbines with "IHK" degree. Therefore, through additional training courses such as general "Electrician for specified activities (EFT)", "Industrial Fire Protection," "lifting and slinging loads", "Safety training in the safe use of hydraulic bolting" or manufacturer-specific training such as "Bolt Torque and Tension (Level 2)" its employees are sufficiently qualified to performe besides in maintenance also in assembly operations. AllCon guarantees of course all the necessary health checks such as G41 and specialized training such as abseiling, first aid training, offshore-trainings. Furthermore all are equipped with electronic driver card and trained in document 016 or 018 of the sub-sector committee SCC. "In addition to training the flexibility of our employees is essentially, because the locations and companies change continuously. The service technicians are therefore always placed on the current state of knowledge. Only then we can provide consistent quality and efficiency of our services", comment John Michael, manager of AllCon. The security of AllCon employees has an equally high priority. To ensure the security of its engineers and technicians in view of the diversity of customer inserts, AllCon has also its health and safety measures based on the checklist SCP changed on 25/02/2009 and received the Safety Management Certificate Human Services - SCP. A further important cornerstone: In the course of its specialization, the company has built a solidly-established network of occupational physicians, safety trainers and specialized training institutes. So AllCon is a member of the BZEE, the training center for renewable energies. As the first training provider to the German energy industry the BZEE has received the certificate of DNV DetNorskeVeritas and developed a specific qualification, which trains with national and international partners service technicians for wind turbines. With such networked thinking and actions AllCon could an can demonstrate its ability and knowledge of the industry in the wind energy sector as it best.
AllCon goes Offshore...
Now it happens: AllCon started its service for Offshore in BALTIC 1. Other projects are pending.
Certification for Offshore
AllCon was successfully certified for the scope of wind energy. The SCP certification for offshore wind energy was new included. Safety at work, continuing further development as well as ongoing training for employees are integral parts of the company.
AllCon: Energy production on the water
AllCon is the partner of wind energy. In construction, service, maintenance, troubleshooting and implementation of retrofits Allcon offers a professionally all-inclusive package, as yet however only for the onshore sector. Now its time for AllCon to jump ambitiously on the water. Even the scope for the offshore has been expanded and successfully certified by Germanischer Lloyd, published also on the new website. Thus, the current package of services to all possible paths in the field of wind energy has been expanded. To ensure regular and timely flow of information, from now on it's possible to subscribe to an RSS feed on the page.
New look with new homepage
A new wind blows increasingly at the company AllCon in Hamburg. On its new homepage the company presents itself as usual with focus on the technologies of renewable energy. New design and new logo emphasize the well-known expertise and support the overview of the particular information. To ensure regular and timely flow of information, it is now possible to subscribe to an RSS feed on the page.
Industry day wind energy North Rhine-Westphalia, AllCon was present
The 3rd industry day wind energy North Rhine-Westphalia took place in a political climate changed towards in 2010. The new government promotes the wind energy as one of the future technologies of energy production.
AllCon was successfully post certificated after ISO 9001:2008
Allcon did it: We have been successfully post certificated after ISO 9001:2008 + SCC / SCP. We thank everyone involved that we were able to complete the project successfully.
Work abroad?
You come from the wind power industry, and feel like sometimes to collect new experiences and to work abroad? Then please talk to our Hamburg office.
New opportunity of application
From now on you will have the opportunity to send us your existing application documents directly as either PDF or Word document directly. If you want to apply for a job you will find the new button "Attach File" under Browse.
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