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Certificate / GTC

General Terms and Conditions (in german)

ISO 9001:2008
The square metre system introduced by our company applied since that time became a certificated by the GLC and was confirmed. We are anxious by the acceleration of the improvement processes to increase the dismantling of friction losses and the motivation of our employees by clear structures and clear payments, the efficiency of the company.

ISO 9001 English
The qm-system which was introduced by our company applied since that time was confirmed and certificated by the GLC. We are anxious by the acceleration of the improvement processes, the dismantling of friction losses and the motivation of our employees by clear structures and lucent instructions to increase the efficiency of the company.

SCP Certificate
The industrial safety acts and the regulations of the BG are not any more enough to guarantee the security of our employees with the variety of the customer's applications. Under the influence of the wind energy and metal area the proof of the observance of certain requirements of industry-specific catalogues has set up meanwhile also in Germany / Europe. Also we have rearranged our industrial safety measures - under default of the check list SCP-. After we have fulfilled all conditions, we received in the 2/25/2009 the security management certificate staff service company - SCP.

SCP Certificate English
Because of the diversity of assignments at our customers the labor protection laws and the regulations of German trade association are not sufficient to ensure the safety of our employees. Under the influence of wind energy and metals sector the proof of compliance with certain requirements of industry-specific catalogue has now also established in Germany/Europe. We also have changed over our health and safety measures in consideration of the SCP checklist. After we have met and exceeded all terms we received the Safety Management -Certificate Human Services- SCP on February 25th, 2009.

Permission document
The federal agency for work has given the unlimited permission to the for gain employee's surrender to the AllCon GmbH. Information, forms and leaflets to the law of the regulation for gain employee's surrender (employee's surrender law (AÜG)) loaner for the purposes of the AÜG is that employer, the employee (temporary work taker) to a third (borrower) for gain to the efficiency leaves. The for gain employee's surrender is basically liable to permission. Works within the scope of contracts for work, independent service or Dienstverschaffungsverträgen as well as agency agreements are not registered by the AÜG.

Federal employers' association of the staff service companies inc.
The "Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister (BAP)" is the union of both big time work organizations "Arbeitgeberverband Mittelständischer Personaldienstleister e.V. (AMP)" and "Bundesverband Zeitarbeit Personal-Dienstleistungen e.V. (BZA)".

Anwender der BZA/DGB-Tarifverträge

Education centre for renewable energy
It was never before to be appeared in such a way notwenig, to professional changes and challenges. "Lifelong learning" has become a basic condition for a lasting activity. New occupations and matching education ways were created. The huge growth of the regenerative energy, in particular of the wind energy, has also led to the fact that the education contents are not sufficient in the areas of the electric industry or mechanical engineering industry any more to do justice to the requirements of a service technician for wind energy layouts, because here a special know-how and a high degree of flexibility is demanded. On it the BZEE (education centre for renewable energy has inc.) in close collaboration with the companies of the wind energy industry reacts and with the economic academy of Schleswig-Honstein and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to Flensburg compiles a specific qualification. The high demand in skilled workers in the wind energy industry as well as the reintegration of young unemployed skilled workers lead to this unusual synergetic effect between companies, working management and educational bearers. At the end of 2002 approx. 14,000 wind energy layouts operated in the whole federal territory and yearly many come hundred. A specialized competent servicing and a quick service are a condition on the high economic efficiency of wind energy layouts which have, for the rest, a least life span confirmed by accredited institutes of 20 years.

Clearance certificate of the professional association
The VBG is one of the big professional associations in Germany. Your order given in the social code is the prevention of work accidents, occupational diseases and working-conditioned health dangers as well as backup of the first help. If the education of the people who are examined in the member's companies with these assignments also belongs to it. In case of an accident or an occupational disease is the VBG responsibly for the restoration of the health and the ability in the participating in the working life and in the life in the company as well as for financial reparations. This comprehensive protection offers the VBG to just 590,000 member's companies with approx. 7.95 millions insured employees. The VBG is a corporation of the public law with a self-government in which employers and insured persons are represented. In the social elections which take place in Germany all six years an equally occupied sales representative meeting is chosen. The sales representative meeting appoints an executive board (law enforcement agency) which is taken with eight sales representatives of the employer and insured person side. The management is responsible for the current management dealings. With the VBG companies from more than 100 branches of industry are insured. Banks, insurances, time work companies, engineer's offices and architect's offices, lawyer's offices, churches, sports associations, companies of the ceramic and glass industry belong to it.

Clearance certificate of the tax office
The financial administration - also tax management called - is the share of the public administration which is responsible for the fixing and elevation of taxes. The financial administration in the Federal Republic of Germany is split between alliance and federal states. Land tax authorities are the land Ministries of Finance as the uppermost authorities, the upper finance managements (land departments) as middle authorities and the tax offices as local authorities. Taxes are administered basically by the tax offices. Exceptions form in particular: * customs and consumption taxes for which the federal customs management is responsible * taxes which management has been transferred to the municipalities

Chamber of commerce of Hamburg
Basis for the company education is the respective education order of the occupation. The education in the companies takes place on from three to four days per week, in one to two days (Land-juridical regulations: according to qualified job and practical training year) occupational school days are offered. Alternatively so-called block lessons are also carried out. This means that the trainee or apprentice is for up to 8 weeks in the piece completely only at school. It is often complemented with the überbetriebliche education which takes place in own workshops of the craft guilds and chambers (Germany). These überbetrieblichen courses should compensate the education deficits which have originated from the specialization of many companies. The duration of such courses can amount from three to four weeks per year. Although the binary professional training system is valid worldwide as exemplary, more and more youngsters find an occupational conclusion only in pure education companies or education ways at school. The lacking practice relation of such education ways is evident. Cause for this is the declining education readiness of the companies which has several causes. The Federal Government under Gerhard Schröder wanted to force companies to the reinforced education by means of a traineeship sale. The traineeship sale was put out by between economy and the Federal Government concluded education pact for the time being. Within the scope of the education pact chambers, organizations and other equipment have expanded her engagement into the apprenticeship advertising. The shortage of traineeships develops on the regional level very differently, so that many open places cannot be taken. As increasingly problematic the lacking education maturity of many youngsters which justifies itself on bad performances at school turns out. For example, the disproportion between business suitability and the career plans after an office work is significant in this connection.

The UNION OF MIDDLE-CLASS COMPANIES inc. - UMU was founded in 1985 in Munich and represents with the connected organizations currently approx. 68,000 middle-class entrepreneurs, independent and affiliated independent professions from all industries and regions of Germany. The UMU is the organization of the small companies to 20 employees, more than 80% of our members fall in this category. Our members are organized in three sections: Section I: Trade + service section II: Craft + industry section III: It hears independent professions + other assignments and aims to our most important assignments and sighting as an organization to promote the concerns smaller and middle-size enterprises. Small and medium-sized companies cannot influence as partial large-scale enterprises politics and authorities directly, they must organize in an organization to get validity her specific interests. The UMU represents the concerns of the middle class with the Federal Government, the land governments, about our umbrella organizations also at the European Union in Brussels. Besides, the UMU takes up all subjects which are relevant for everyday life of a small and middle entrepreneur - tax politics and tax policy, staff additional costs, slight activity, freelance, labour legislation insb. Protection against unlawful dismissal, bureaucracy charge of middle-class entrepreneurs etc. a lot can be shown in the direct discussion often better and more efficiently than about a press release or an open letter. Therefore, the direct contact with representatives during the land days or with the Bundestag as well as to sales representatives of the land governments and the Federal Government plays for us an especially big role.

Clearance certificate of the health insurance

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